• Puerta de las Granadas
  • The Gate of the Pomegranates (Puerta de las Granadas)
  • The Gate of the Pomegranates (Puerta de las Granadas), Alhambra

Puerta de las Granadas in Granada, Spain

The Gate of Pomegranates (Puerta de las Granadas, Alhambra) was built by Pedro Machuca in the 16th century (around the year 1536) in honour of Emperor Charles V, then known as the Puerta de Carlos Quinto. The Gate of Pomegranates was placed at the bottom of the Alhambra forest, on a street Cuesta de Gomerez, which the Christians preferred to the old Moorish entrance of the Alcazaba. This gate leads to the tree-lined avenues of the Alhambra.

Location: entrance to Alhambra, Granada, Spain

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